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With Racemap you broadcast your competition live to the Internet and on Smartphones. Racemap Sports App is perfect for athletes running Live Tracking and for spectators watching the live stream. You are an athlete using the Racemap Tracking App your familie, friends and colleagues keep track to your race action realtime through the interactive tracking map.

Using Racemap Sports App is easy for athletes and spectators

  1. Free Download Racemap Tracking App for Android and iOS
  2. Join Live Tracking in Racemap App with your Name and Race Number
  3. Activate Live Tracking five minutes before start of the race. Keep your phone save during the race.

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Event List shows all public Sports Events with Live Tracking in Racemap Tracking App. Missing your Event? Just get in touch with us!

So easy! Spectators watch the Live Stream and Athletes join Live Tracking in just one App.

No registration! Join Racemap Live Tracking for a specific event with your (nick)-name and your race number.

Just share your live tracking event with family, friends and colleagues.

Activate your live tracking five minutes before the start of the race and keep your smartphone safe.

Your Live-Tracking is running. Nevertheless you as an athlete can watch the live stream at the same time. When does your team member arrive for changing in a relay. How good are other teams?

Access the Live Stream and after the race the Replay of a Sports Event in Racemap Tracking App. Find your athlete with the search option of the interactive GPS-Map.

Which athlete you want to keep track? Just follow him in Racemap Tracking App.

The Tracking Map centers around the selected athlete automatically and displays the speed of your athlete.

8 Gedanken zu „» Tracking App

  1. Mein Bruder startet am Samstag bei euch.Muss er das angeben,das wir ihn zuhause per racemap verfolgen wollen,oder geht das automatisch,wenn ich seinen Namen oder die Startnummer ein gebe? LG Ramona

    • Hallo Ramona,

      wenn du deinen Bruder (und andere Sportler) beim Wettkampf zB Schloss-Triathlon live nachverfolgen willst, muss dein Bruder beim Live-Tracking mitmachen. Das Tracking funktioniert mit Smartphone und der Racemap App – mehr Infos zum GPS-Tracking.
      Wenn dein Bruder beim Live-Tracking mitmacht, kannst du bequem zu Hause am Computer oder an der Wettkampfstrecke mit ’nem Smartphone deinen Bruder im Auge behalten.

      Viel Spaß mit Racemap, Konrad

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