GPS Live-Tracking

Racemap streams your sports event real-time on the Internet and on Mobiles. Spectators at the race ground and around the world keep track to the action of your race through an interactive map. Racemap records your competition to playback later. Racemap Sports Tracking is easy and efficient for organizers, timekeepers, athletes and spectators.

Replay of 100km-Duathlon. Sports-Tracking through Racemap Tracking App and GPS Trackers in the same map.

Mobile 1st – Our Map-Features show your race in a clear and exciting way. One solution for large screens, desktop computers and smartphones.
Easy, efficient and flexible Live-Tracking for You – Racemap scales with the event size and fits the needs of a professional tracking service the same as for your private adventures.
All Data Sources – Corresponding to your budget and your use case Racemap Live-Tracking works with our free Tracking App the same as with GPS Trackers or with detections from the timing system … or with all data sources for the same interactive map.
Location Data for Your Services – Racemap calculates location data and provides the information through an interactive Live Map. Same as your own tracking server, the data can be forwarded to 3rd parties as TV broadcasting through an API, also.
Realtime and Replay – all in one – Racemap is running live during your competition and afterwards to show the recap of your race.

One Solution for Your Tracking Service

With Racemap you grow your own tracking service for sports events. Therefore our tracking solution combines hardware, software and support.

  • Tracking Map – Interactive GPS Map streams your event live on the internet, on smartphones or even to a screen at the race ground.
  • Sports Tracking App – One App for athletes and spectators. Athletes join live tracking and spectators watch your race easily with Racemap App.
  • Leaderboard – Set up virtual splits and provide GPS results, without the effort for a timekeeping system.
  • Tracking Portal – Racemap is your open Tracking System to easily manage your own Live Tracking.
  • Multiple GPS Trackers – Racemap supports your GPS Trackers, which can be rent to event organizers and athletes. Through the Tracker Management you set up all devices at the same time.
  • Buy GPS trackers – In Racemap » Shop you buy or rent your ready to go GPS Trackers and all equipment.

You want to offer live tracking for your sports event? Doesn’t matter whether a huge race or a small private project – Racemap is the best tracking solution for your use case. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us!