GPS Live-Tracking

Racemap broadcasts your sports event realtime to the internet, to smartphones and on Facebook. Spectators at the race ground and in the internet keep track to the action of your race through an interactive Live Map of your competition. Additional Racemap records your race to playback later. Racemap GPS Tracking is easy for organizers, timers, athletes and spectators. Learn more about GPS sports tracking.

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Extremely flexible tracking solution for easy sports tracking during all kind of competitions.

  • Tracking Map – The interactive Tracking Map streams your event live to the internet, to smartphones or even to a screen at the race ground.
  • Sports Tracking App – One App for athletes and spectators. Athletes join live tracking and spectators watch your race easily with Racemap App.

Like your own tracking server – With Racemap you grow your own tracking service for sports events.

  • Tracking Portal – Racemap is your open Tracking System to easily manage your own Live Tracking.
  • Various GPS Trackers in one system – Racemap supports your GPS Trackers, which you can rent at event organizers and athletes at the race ground.

You want to offer live tracking for your sports event? Doesn’t matter whether a huge race or a small private project – Racemap is the best tracking solution for your usecase. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us!