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Forget frustrating and lengthy configuration of your GPS Trackers through SMS commands or complicated configuration tools. With Racemap as your tracking portal you easily manage multiple GPS Trackers.

Racemap Tracker Management features functions to use your GPS Trackers efficiently and professional.

  • GPS Tracker Test: Our free tracker test directly shows the raw data your GPS device is sending. The test also detects whether your tracker type works on Racemap GPS Server. Just configure IP: and Port: 5100 to run your GPS unit on the tracker test. You want to use your tracker in Racemap but the test does not detect your location device? Just contact us, that we implement your GPS device to our GPS system.
  • Remote commands to multible GPS Trackers: In Racemap you configure several GPS Trackers at the same time directly via internet. This way you save time and many configuration SMS.
  • Live Tracking with various GPS devices in one Tracking Portal:

See how easy Racemap Tracker Management works:


Racemap Tracker Management helps you running your own tracking business. Our resellers and partners rent GPS Trackers for your events and are present at your race ground.

simtime and more in Austria works also as timer

tracker4trails in Germany, focus on ultra trail runing

Deportes con GPS in Puerto Rico, specialized in live tracking at Stand Up Paddle events

T-Track GPS in Italy, exclusive live tracking for horse endurance events

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