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With Racemap you broadcast your sports event real-time to the Internet and on Smartphones. This way every spectator keep track to your competition, easily. Your interactive Tracking Map streams the location of your athletes and shows the race action real-time to the world. And after the race your athletes analyze the recap of the competition.

Mobile 1st – Tracking System features GPS-Map on Mobile Devices

Your interactive Tracking Map is running on Smartphones and Tablets, all features mobile and for intuitive usage.

Your interactive Content – Tracking Map directly on your Pages

  • iFrame – To embed your Tracking Map easily on any homepage and blog, see html-code of 100km-Duathlon above:
    <iframe style="border: none; width: 650px; height: 550px;" src="https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
  • iFrame Option, more focus to your map – to skip start screen and hide sidebar just add ?embed=true to the link , see html-code above:
    <iframe style="border: none; width: 650px; height: 550px;" src="https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05/?embed=true" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe> resulting in the following Tracking Map

Replay of 100km-Duathlon 2018. GPS Live-Tracking with Racemap Tracking App and with GPS Trackers in the same map. Embed the raceplayer directly on your pages using iFrame. Customize your tracking map with emojis.

Using Racemap Tracking Solution flexible and efficient for your Sports

  • Specific Link to your Tracking Map – Use your social channels (Email Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, …) to share the Racemap of your sports event, e.g. the URL of 100km-Duathlon 2018 https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05
  • Live Stream and Recap in one Racemap with the same URL.
  • Replay the action of the race in fast motion after the event.
  • Instant Replay – During the running event push the slider to early scenes of the race, watch the replay and then just switch back to live mode. Good information of the race for the speaker and all spectators during the race.
  • Scales automatically from S to XXL Events – With more than 10 devices applied in your Tracking Map, our visualization shows dots instead of flags. That keeps your Live-Tracking clear for spectators even at big events. You can select specific race numbers when hovering a dot.
  • Customize your Tracking Map – Use different color tracks, flags, show points of interest and insert emojis. Select different map layouts like terrain, satellite, hybrid and night provided through mapbox. Spectators get more useful information in your Racemap like different routes and categories, start- finish-area, transition area, refresh points, …

GPS Tracking of Madrid International Horse Endurance. Different colors for race tracks and flags differentiate mixed categories in one map.

  • Show own Position – Displays your location in the tracking map, for spectators and organization staff at the race ground. 
  • Search Field shows List of Athletes with highlighter and various map options
  • Follow Feature – GPS Map moves with selected athlete and creates a dynamic URL you can share, e.g. URL to follow the Team Flaming Sideburns at 100km-Duathlon: https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05/?embed=true/#follow=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1 &selected=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1
    or even embed a Follow-Racemap directly on your homepage
    <iframe style="border: none; width: 650px; height: 550px;" src="https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05/?embed=true/#follow=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1&selected=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
  • Select Feature – To highlight selected athletes in your Racemap. You can use SELECT to show only one category of athletes. Very smart again, you save the group of selected athletes with a dynamic URL https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05/?embed=true/ #follow=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1&selected=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1, 5ba8e190f653df2f98804c40,5ba8e190e6950a2f99bdc41b,5ba8e19076addf2fa3adc1ea and as iFrame
    <iframe style="border: none; width: 650px; height: 550px;" src="https://racemap.com/player/100km-duathlon_2018-05-05/?embed=true/#follow=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1&selected=5ba8e1900e341e2f93f036f1, 5ba8e190f653df2f98804c40,5ba8e190e6950a2f99bdc41b,5ba8e19076addf2fa3adc1ea" allowfullscreen= "allowfullscreen"></iframe>
  • Quick Statistic Data to analyze the race for the athlete you want to follow
    Speed, Distance from Start, Height, Distance to go and Position in the Elevation Profile
  • GPS Ranking and Timing calculates a list with duration at defined (virtual) splits, e.g. https://racemap.com/timing/?5a535fdf787fe25ece1a0cc8
  • GPX Download of race file of selected Athlete using cloud symbol
  • Daytime vs. Duration of the Race, just click
  • Sponsor Option – Sell advertising space to your sponsors. Racemap provides space for a sponsor logo which forwards to the page of the sponsor.


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ich veranstalte im Mai 2013 den längsten Nonstop Ultra-Trail in Deutschland und plane gerade, wie man die Läufer/innen am besten verfolgen kann, da sie auf der langen Strecke von 320km nur 2 Verpflegungsstationen gibt. Mich würde interessieren, wie ich als Veranstalter den Lauf verfolgen kann, bzw. zwischen den Läufern unterscheiden kann.
Wenn es wirklich so einfach ist, würde ich das gerne schon bei einer anderen von mir organisierten Veranstaltung http://www.kleiner-kobolt.de in diesem Jahr ausprobieren.

Michael Eßer

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