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GPS-Timing: Your leaderboard live online! With Racemap you easily provide results and scoring of your competition.

Racemap GPS-Results features realtime update, the list can be sorted and you can set virtual splits.

Live-Tracking and Timing with one solution – Racemap offers a timing feature, which works live with data of GPS-Units (GPS-Tracker and Racemap Tracking App) in combination with the race course (*.gpx-file) – no additional equipment for timekeeping needed at the race ground. This easy timing solution saves your money and minimizes your effort. In the Backend of Racemap Tracking Portal you can set up the GPS-Timing very easy and very quick.

In Racemap Backend you can easily set up a GPS-Timing. Therefore you define virtual splits directly in the map in relation to the racetrack.
Additional you can set splits corresponding to the length of the racetrack and you can define the type of sports e.g. Running, Road Bike and Swimming.

The accuracy of our GPS-Timing system depends on the tracking interval of the GPS devices. Just see the comparison of GPS-Timing against a professional timing solution with additional hardware during the 100km-Duathlon.

The comparison of GPS-Timing and the professional timing solution shows

  • GPS-Timing offers results with low budget and low effort
  • Accuracy of about 1 min depending on the tracking interval of GPS device
  • Same sequence of scoring with GPS-Timing

As next step, we develop an API giving Racemap access to various timing systems to provide a live visualization. Just get in touch with us regarding any question and feedback about our tracking solution.

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