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Open Tracking System Powers live GPS Maps

Racemap is your flexible GPS Portal for sports events. With our open tracking solution you set up and customize your own tracking maps fitting the needs of your races. Just join Racemap backend and within five minutes you easily set up live tracking for all kind of events independent whether a small private project or a huge sports event.

Manage your Live Tracking online

Set up your live tracking fast and efficient with Racemap. Use all features of our open tracking solution online, no additional tool needed. Racemap works like your own gps server and enables parallel live tracking on different maps with several types of GPS Tracker and even with our free Tracking App. In Racemap Tracking Portal you

  • Customize your Tracking Map,
  • Manage and configure all your GPS Trackers and
  • Organize the athletes that join your live tracking and maintain their devices.

Racemap – your flexible Tracking Solution

Link Racemap with other systems to use the advantages of Racemap and the other provider, specify the visibility of your live tracking and grow your own tracking service.

  • Integrations to timing- and other systems like third party visualisation
  • You control which athletes join live tracking – Athletes join open tracking themselves with Racemap Tracking App. Or for limited tracking you add the athletes to the tracking map, that way you can sell access to live tracking.
  • You control who is able to watch the live stream – Every spectator can watch public tracking. Or for private tracking you share the link to your Tracking Map and you invite spectators to watch the race through Racemap App.

Racemap is very easy for you. Our open GPS system offers you all advantages.

  • One GPS device visible in several maps at the same time
  • Transparent and fair pricing starting from 10 EUR, payment with Paypal or invoice
  • As reseller you even buy live tracking with 50 % discount, which helps you to grow your own GPS business

No matter whether you want a single live tracking for your competition as event manager Or as timer you want to grow your own tracking service. Racemap is the most flexible tracking solution for you. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us!

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