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LTE GPS Tracker & Online Management

Providing your own GPS units on-site at competitions? Then you know from personal experience: Coverage and availability are from key importance for any live tracking service. For even more reliability of the Racemap tracking solution we upgrade our professional GL300 tracker with LTE and 2G fallback. Its GNSS module using GPS, Glonass and Beidou ensures the highest possible precision.

GL300 GPS Tracker with LTE in water tight Zip Lock Bag

The GL300 Racemap tracker is a flexible solution that fits the needs as a professional GPS device for multiple athlete tracking of sports events:

  • high precision,
  • long battery life up to three days,
  • safety through SOS button and
  • memory feature in dead spots.

Through our tracker management you efficiently use and monitor all your GPS units e.g. set various parameters for many devices at once (no more complicated SMS commands) and control battery and running time. The Racemap tracking portal is optimized for real-time tracking of competitions and adventures. In your personal Racemap account, you easily create and host your own interactive Tracking Maps within 1 minute.

multiple GPS trackers for application at competitions and sports events

Specifications of GL300 LTE location tracker:

dimension78 x 40 x 27 mm
weight93 g
networkLTE & EDGE (2G)
trafficapprox. 0.21 MB/hr with 10 sec tracking
band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GPS accuracy2.5 m
reaction time
30 sec cold start
1 sec during operation
3.5 V; 2600 mAh
Li-ion accumulator
battery charge
input: 110 to 220 V
output: 5 V; 1 A
stand by &
running time

480 hr without tracking
13 hr with 5 sec tracking
19 hr with 10 sec tracking
37 hr with 30 sec tracking
62 hr with 1 min tracking
72 hr with 2 min tracking
operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
water protectionsplash-proof with IPx5
configurable buttonsafety feature: SOS alert

Fotocredit: Linda Schroth

live tracking

Powerful Live Tracking at München Marathon

Scalable Live Tracking at München Marathon

GMM München Marathon is one of Germany’s top five marathon events. This year Racemap provides the software and the server solution for Predictive Live Tracking for over 18,000 participants. Thus the race organizer offered an effortless Live Tracking for all athletes without additional devices like GPS trackers. The data to calculate the prediction comes from the timing system. Thanks to the abavent team who did a great job on the race site.

Great service for 30,000 live viewers which kept track to the race through their smartphone. Just watch the replay of the event above.

live tracking

Release New Tracking App

Way more than just some bug fixes … Our latest release of Racemap Tracking App for Android & iOS, free download in Google Play & in the App Store. Racemap is one easy App for spectators and participants. Let your audience feel the race.

Racemap Tracking App now provides Group Maps eg. for your multi-stage races
adidas INFINITE trails in Racemap App
live tracking

New Search Field in Racemap Tracking-Map

You want easy Live-Tracking your spectators will love?

Our new and intuitive search field works perfectly at competitions with many participants and helps spectators keeping the overview over the event. Our search field is displayed on computers and on mobile devices also. The list of participants is displayed only when using the search field and shows statistics like speed, distance from start, current height and distance to go off every athlete of the event. Additional the new search field provides various setting options.

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Easy Using Tracking-Map

live tracking Wettkampf Player

mapbox & fresh Marker Design

Racemap now uses mapbox which enables new map features, Our new marker design targets the location even better

Two major improvements available for our Tracking Map, now:

  1. Our interactive sports visualization now uses mapbox. That enables nice features like changing direction, orientation and layout (as Terrain, Sattelite and Hybrid) of the map (using the right mouse).
  2. New flag design targets precisely the location of the athletes. New hover feature displays the flag with the specific race number. Flags are semitransparent to catch what is covered by the flag.

The visualization concept of Racemap GPS Tracking is clear and easy to understand. Through our Tracking Map any spectator is able to watch the competition on a desktop or on a mobile device.

live tracking Wettkampf Player

Dynamic Visualization of big Events

Racemap offers a flexible tracking solution for all kind of sports events. The last update of Racemap Tracking Map enables a dynamic scale from S to XXL – From 150 devices applied in your Tracking Map, our viszalization shows dots instead of flags. That keeps your Live-Tracking clearer for your spectators even at big events. 

live tracking

Challenge Roth free GPS-Tracking

AppStore-Logo GooglePlay-Logo

Live Tracking is extremely exciting for spectators at big triathlon events like Challenge or Ironman AND provides helpful information for orga staff and speaker. In 2015 Reiner Mehlhorn made live tracking with GPS trackers at Challenge Roth using Racemap GPS System. Worked very well, as you see in the replay of the race.

That is why we offer free Live Tracking this year too. The athletes join Live Tracking with our free Tracking App or with GPS trackers. Live tracking with Racemap works without registration.

live tracking

Live Tracking for Euroloppet and Worldloppet Races

AppStore-Logo GooglePlay-Logo

This season we provide live tracking for several Euroloppet and Worldloppet ski races. With our Racemap Tracking App every athlete can join the live tracking for free. It is even possible to use your own GPS tracker for live tracking.

If you want live tracking at a specific sports event just get in touch with us or set up your own tracking map in Racemap Tracking Portal.

live tracking

Hong Kong Four Trails – The ultimate Endurance Challenge

Andre Blumberg – known for performing the Millenium Quest in 2016 – provides the Hong Kong Four Trails Challenge (HK4TUC) for the 6th time in Janurary 2017. This ultra trail covers all four Hong Kong long-distance trails of total 298km within 60 hours and is the ultimate endurance challenge for all participants.