Open Elevation Service

Background: We are working on a predictive Transponder-Tracking in tight collaboration with race|result. The prediction model is using recorded data from the timekeeping system as decoders and from TrackBoxes to forecast the athlete’s location real-time.

Everybody being involved in sports knows that the elevation is from key importance for a good speed prediction. It does strongly influence the speed of the athletes whether they ride their bikes uphill or downhill. Through our project for the Chip-Tracking we noticed, that Google Elevation API is too inaccurate for our use case. And as there is no other open elevation service providing accurate heights, we just developed and hosted such a service ourselves. You can use this service for your own projects under MIT license. You either host this service yourself or just use our API.

Do you have any question or suggestion regarding our elevation service? We are really looking forward to your feedback.

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