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Hong Kong Four Trails – The ultimate Endurance Challenge

Andre Blumberg – known for performing the Millenium Quest in 2016 – provides the Hong Kong Four Trails Challenge (HK4TUC) for the 6th time in Janurary 2017. This ultra trail covers all four Hong Kong long-distance trails of total 298km within 60 hours and is the ultimate endurance challenge for all participants.

Getting in touch with our live tracking system as an athlete last year Andre wanted live tracking for his sports event, too.

GT560 extreme powerful GPS tracker for more than five days of live tracking – only 60g and 6,5 * 3,7 * 2cm

Here we go! Every HK4TUC runner will carry a small GPS unit (it will be the powerful GT560 GPS tracker) during the challenge. This way the competition is broadcasted in the tracking map with an update intervall of less than 4 minutes. Spectators can keep track of the competition in the internet and on smartphones. The GPS trackers are provided by our reseller Tracker4Trails and the tracking will be done in Racemap as tracking portal.

Keep track of HK4TUC in the tracking map

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And now some #HK4TUC-facts regarding live tracking:

  • Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge has finished, 22 runners started the challenge,
  • Every runner equipped with a lightweight GPS tracker from our reseller Michael, Tracker4Trails,
  • Live tracking lasted over 80hrs with a tracking intervall of about 5min – BOOM! –> That means the runners did not worry about charging or changing a battery,
  • You thing “Oh, only 22 runners, thats a small event.” You are wrong! –> HK4TUC has an EXTREME high social resonance (one reason is the organizer Andre Blumberg),
  • During the three days of the endurance race the GPS live stream had about 55.000 pageviews in average over 11 minutes. Racemap deals with MANY spectators.

Analytics of the live tracking during HK4TUC – more than 55.000 pageviews over 11 minutes

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