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LTE GPS Tracker & Online Management

Providing your own GPS units on-site at competitions? Then you know from personal experience: Coverage and availability are from key importance for any live tracking service. For even more reliability of the Racemap tracking solution we upgrade our professional GL300 tracker with LTE and 2G fallback. Its GNSS module using GPS, Glonass and Beidou ensures the highest possible precision.

GL300 GPS Tracker with LTE in water tight Zip Lock Bag

The GL300 Racemap tracker is a flexible solution that fits the needs as a professional GPS device for multiple athlete tracking of sports events:

  • high precision,
  • long battery life up to three days,
  • safety through SOS button and
  • memory feature in dead spots.

Through our tracker management you efficiently use and monitor all your GPS units e.g. set various parameters for many devices at once (no more complicated SMS commands) and control battery and running time. The Racemap tracking portal is optimized for real-time tracking of competitions and adventures. In your personal Racemap account, you easily create and host your own interactive Tracking Maps within 1 minute.

multiple GPS trackers for application at competitions and sports events

Specifications of GL300 LTE location tracker:

dimension78 x 40 x 27 mm
weight93 g
networkLTE & EDGE (2G)
trafficapprox. 0.21 MB/hr with 10 sec tracking
band 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GPS accuracy2.5 m
reaction time
30 sec cold start
1 sec during operation
3.5 V; 2600 mAh
Li-ion accumulator
battery charge
input: 110 to 220 V
output: 5 V; 1 A
stand by &
running time

480 hr without tracking
13 hr with 5 sec tracking
19 hr with 10 sec tracking
37 hr with 30 sec tracking
62 hr with 1 min tracking
72 hr with 2 min tracking
operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
water protectionsplash-proof with IPx5
configurable buttonsafety feature: SOS alert

Fotocredit: Linda Schroth


Your easy to use personal Tracker

From our clients we know, athletes want a personal GPS tracker without wasting hours in configuration the hardware e.g. to make it work with a SIM card. Nobody wants to set up a tracking device with SMS commands. You want personal Live Tracking ready to go at once? Shop Racemap GPS devices!

Best Personal Live Tracking with Racemap

Fast, easy and flexible! You want reliable Live Tracking without wasting time? Its not just about GPS hardware – its the service that makes Racemap GPS devices unique. Racemap offers three solutions for the best personal Live Tracking experience.

  1. GPS Tracker ready to go! Out of the box, your Racemap GPS Tracker is already configured for Live Tracking on and in Racemap Tracking App.
  2. Daily Tracking – Tracking Map you use flexible any time. Private through your personal URL. Visibility – you control who keeps track to you while training, competitions or sports projects.
  3. Premium Coverage – Your GPS Tracker communicates through the best available cellular network, no worries about SIM cards.

Just combine the tracking solutions respect your needs. You want to learn more about Live Tracking with Racemap? Just get in touch with us +49 151 24122370 or [email protected] – we are happy to enable your Live Tracking.