Your easy to use personal Tracker

From our clients we know, athletes want a personal GPS tracker without wasting hours in configuration the hardware e.g. to make it work with a SIM card. Nobody wants to set up a tracking device with SMS commands. You want personal Live Tracking ready to go at once? Shop Racemap GPS devices!

Best Personal Live Tracking with Racemap

Fast, easy and flexible! You want reliable Live Tracking without wasting time? Its not just about GPS hardware – its the service that makes Racemap GPS devices unique. Racemap offers three solutions for the best personal Live Tracking experience.

  1. GPS Tracker ready to go! Out of the box, your Racemap GPS Tracker is already configured for Live Tracking on and in Racemap Tracking App.
  2. Daily Tracking – Tracking Map you use flexible any time. Private through your personal URL. Visibility – you control who keeps track to you while training, competitions or sports projects.
  3. Premium Coverage – Your GPS Tracker communicates through the best available cellular network, no worries about SIM cards.

Just combine the tracking solutions respect your needs. You want to learn more about Live Tracking with Racemap? Just get in touch with us +49 151 24122370 or [email protected] – we are happy to enable your Live Tracking.


Challenge Roth free GPS-Tracking

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Live Tracking is extremely exciting for spectators at big triathlon events like Challenge or Ironman AND provides helpful information for orga staff and speaker. In 2015 Reiner Mehlhorn made live tracking with GPS trackers at Challenge Roth using Racemap GPS System. Worked very well, as you see in the replay of the race.

That is why we offer free Live Tracking this year too. The athletes join Live Tracking with our free Tracking App or with GPS trackers. Live tracking with Racemap works without registration.

Live-Tracking Hamburg Marathon for free

Live GPS-Tracking Hamburg Marathon easily with Racemap Tracking-App. One App for Athletes and Spectators.

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Racemap App is for free and works without registration. Just download the App and join live-tracking, that way your family and friends keep track to your race.

For spectators: Watch the Live-Stream of Hamburg-Marathon in interactive Racemap on Smartphones and Computers.

Jizerská 50 Worldloppet Ski Race with GPS Tracking

realtime sports tracking at Jizerská 50

With almost 10.000 racers Jizerská 50 is one of the biggest ski races and Jizerská 50 is a competition of the Worldloppet series. Racemap does the easy App based live tracking for all four races at Jizerská. Just get Racemap Tracking-App for free and join the sports tracking without registration. Spectators keep track of the race realtime on their smartphones with Racemap-App also.

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Live Tracking for Euroloppet and Worldloppet Races

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This season we provide live tracking for several Euroloppet and Worldloppet ski races. With our Racemap Tracking App every athlete can join the live tracking for free. It is even possible to use your own GPS tracker for live tracking.

If you want live tracking at a specific sports event just get in touch with us or set up your own tracking map in Racemap Tracking Portal.

Managing Board for GPS Devices

We currently develop a managing board for GPS Trackers. With the new feature you can monitor all your GPS Trackers online in your Racemap GPS portal.

The GPS managing board integrates configuration functions to your Racemap backend. Depending on the type of your GPS Trackers you’ll even be able to set start- and endtime and tracking intervall and control the battery status for live tracking. This way you manage your GPS Devices efficiently and you can offer easily a Live Tracking Service for Sports Events.

Just watch the insight into our developing process.

Free Racing Map for several Sports Events


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Racemap offers free Live-Tracking for several Sports Events. Racemap works without registration for athletes and spectators. Just get Racemap App for free and join Live Tracking at:

KoBoLT extremer Ultra-Lauf mit Tracking-Map

Der kleine KoBoLT beschert der Ultralauf-Szene ein vorzeitiges Weihnachten.

Immer im Dezember beschert Micha der deutschen Ultralauf-Szene mit dem KoBoLT ein vorfristiges Weihnachtsgeschenk. Drei Strecken lassen dieses Jahr das Läuferherz höher und schneller schlagen:

  • kleiner KoBoLT: 106 km mit 3361 Hm
  • KoBoLT: 140 km mit 4446 Hm
  • Die glorreichen 7: 162 km mit 5232 Hm

Micha bietet mittlerweile mit Tracker4Trails und vielen eigenen GPS-Trackern einen eigenen Tracking-Service für Sport-Events, den er natürlich auch bei seinen eigenen Events einsetzt. Die Läufer beim KoBoLT machen also automatisch beim Live-Tracking mit und ihre Position wird in Echtzeit in der Racing-Map übertragen. Damit behalten Zuschauer das Wettkampfgeschehen im Auge und können den Rennverlauf live im Internet und mit der kostenlosten Racemap-Tracking App auf Smartphones verfolgen. Weiterlesen

GPS Racing Map mit Speed Anzeige

Beim Wettkampf gewinnt der Schnellste. Kein Wunder: Viele Zuschauer, Sportler und Event-Manager wünschen sich für ihre Tracking Map eine Geschindigkeitsanzeige. Das Speed-Feature haben wir für euch entwickelt. Damit ist der Live-Stream und der Replay von einem Sports-Event noch viel spannender.

Für den ausgewählten Sportler wird die Geschwindigkeit in der Tracking-Map angezeigt

Für den ausgewählten Sportler wird die Geschwindigkeit in der Tracking-Map angezeigt, der Führende beim Dresden Marathon ist natürlich fix unterwegs ;-).