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Fresh Design improves Tracking Portal for Sports Events

More fun for your athletes and your spectators through Sports Live Tracking – Fresh design and new structure for Racemap Tracking Portal by Clara Juliano simplifies sports GPS tracking.

International URL for Racemap Live Tracking

Working with international Resellers and Partners effects increasing Racemap Sports Tracking outside of Germany like Hong Kong four Trails Ultra Challenge. For that reason we moved Racemap GPS Portal to the international URL From now on you manage your GPS tracking for your sports projects and competitions under our new web address. All features and services you need to run your own live tracking are available under one roof now.

Reworked Design improves User Experiences in the Tracking Portal

Clara Juliano developed the new structure and the fresh design for our Tracking Portal. The new version of Racemap GPS Portal is optimized for mobile applications. The update improves the user experience of both groups:

  • Spectators that just want to keep track to a specific competition and
  • Organizers that want to manage live tracking for their competitions.

You want to test Racemap for your own tracking service? You like the idea of selling Live Tracking additional to your timing service? We are looking forward to learn more about your needs in live tracking and to discuss the best possible solution for your usecase. Just get in touch with us!

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